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Tibetan singing bowls are one of the strongest instruments for healing. Sound healing with these bowls is an ancient form of transformation. They have been around for longer than 6000 years. Everything you see and everything you feel is all frequency and energy. Let the frequencies flow through your body.

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Each tone is aligned with a different chakra:

1. Crown- spiritual connection, knowledge, unity, awareness

2. Third Eye- intuition, openness, imagination

3. Throat- truth, communication, expression

4. Heart- love, compassion, harmony

5. Solar Plexus- power, identity, purpose

6. Sacral- creativity, sexuality, emotions

7. Root- grounding, security, safety

The sounds and vibrations affect all 3 levels:

1. Physical- (deepens relaxation, regenerates muscles, relieves pain, improves blood circulation/digestion, increases energy flow, eliminates toxins, and strengthens immune system.)

2. Mental- (relaxes your mind, releases tensions, relieves blockages, improves concentration​, increases energy and strength, alleviates mental/emotional pain, improves self-confidence, boosts creative possibilities, and increases production levels.)

3. Spiritual- (positive feelings of self, balances your life, experiences of joy, cleanses of chakras, vibrations of higher frequencies, and higher energy levels.)

Buddhist Singing Bowl


What They’re Saying

"My first sound bowl session was such a comfortable experience. I left my session feeling grounded and so happy to have done it!"


"My first sound bowl session with Casey was a very good experience. She made me feel welcome right away and was thoughtful in her approach. I especially appreciated that she explained everything that she was going to do beforehand, as that put me at ease. She even intuitively knew what area I was experiencing blockage in, which was a huge help. Afterward, I felt very "light" but in a good way (as if a weight had been lifted). I would definitely recommend booking a session. You won't be disappointed!"


"Casey treated me to a beautiful sound bath back in August! I have participated in group sound baths previously but never something that was area focused! I've been suffering from chronic lower back pain for nearly two years and she did not have to twist my arm to focus there!! It was the most relaxed I've felt in a long time. It was so peaceful and the session allowed me to tune the world out and focus on my peace! It was captivating and my back felt amazing afterwards, I can't wait for round two!"


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